Hannah Cohen-Cline

Research Scientist
Providence Portland Medical Center

Hannah Cohen-Cline, PhD, MPH, is a Research Scientist at the Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education. Her work focuses on understanding the impacts of the social determinants of health in a Medicaid-eligible population. She has experience investigating the complex associations between the social and built environments and health outcomes. Her current and recent research include investigating the associations between place-based housing with services and health care cost and utilization outcomes; studying the impact of adversity and resilience factors over the life course on health and social outcomes; and exploring how to overcome the barriers to access to nature for marginalized and vulnerable populations, and the resulting health impacts this may have for these communities. Dr. Cohen-Cline is a graduate of the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Washington School of Public Health.


In late 2015, the Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA) initiated a new policy experiment for distributing Section 8 housing vouchers. Rather than using basic income eligibility requirements, vouchers would be deliberately deployed to maximize their impact on community health by targeting those with complex medical needs and homeless families with school-age children. The central question this study seeks to answer is whether targeting specific subpopulations to prioritize Section 8 housing vouchers can increase the total impact of those vouchers on key community health indicators.