Signature Research Programs

From its inception, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has been driven by a continuous cycle of research, evaluation and learning. RWJF continues its commitment to developing the evidence base by establishing three signature research programs — Evidence for Action, Policies for Action, and Systems for Action. Together, these programs will examine the factors necessary to build a Culture of Health by supporting the generation and dissemination of evidence about what works to improve population health and health equity.

Evidence for Action

Evidence for Action

Evidence for Action: Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health is a national program of RWJF, based at the University of California, San Francisco, that supports the Foundation’s commitment to building a Culture of Health in the United States. The program aims to provide individuals, organizations, communities, policymakers, and researchers with the empirical evidence needed to address the key determinants of health encompassed in the Culture of Health Action Framework.

Systems for Action logo

Systems for Action

Systems for Action: Systems and Services Research to Build a Culture of Health (S4A) is a national program of RWJF based at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. S4A aims to discover and apply new evidence about ways of aligning the delivery and financing systems that support a Culture of Health. S4A seeks to identify system-level strategies for enhancing the reach, quality, efficiency, and equity of services and supports that promote health and well-being on a population-wide basis. S4A builds on its work and experience as the RWJF National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services and Systems Research and Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks.